Researching Your School

When purchasing any training program, the customer needs to be satisfied that the product will meet their needs. This is relevant advice for anyone who is considering an application supported by Employment Ontario or being paid for by student loans or family resources.

If the product promised is not delivered, or if the research has resulted in an improper course selection, valuable time and money are wasted.

Here are some Helpful Tips:

Answering these questions is part of what we call labour market research.

  • Understand the course curriculum. Is it current and relevant to the trade or field of study that you have chosen?
  • Ask for student referrals so that you can get a direct verification on the merits of the course and the school.
  • Can you make the commitment of time to complete the training course?
  • Speak to employers who might hire candidates from this course.
  • Is this course / school widely recognized in the trade? If the credential had little visibility in the marketplace, satisfy yourself as to why this is. Be sure that you are considering unbiased information.
  • Verify the success rates of course graduates. If everyone from a very small class has graduated and are happy, is that a large enough sampling of opinion on which to base your purchase?
  • Does the school offer job search or placement assistance?
  • Does the school offer assistance with co-op placements or job shadowing experiences?
  • Does the school offer any form of follow up support services?
  • Do you sense that you are being pressured to make a decision?
  • Do you understand the course cancellation and refund policies and how this impacts any funding support agreements that you have arranged?
  • Have you exhausted your research into the employment sector?

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