Recruitment and Selection

How does your company determine their recruitment needs? What are some of the key aspects you need to consider prior to starting your recruitment process? Do you understand today’s labour market benefits and challenges? The following are a few things you should think about when planning your recruitment/selection process:


  • Job Description – Do I have one for this job? Does the job description accurately reflect the company’s expectations for this position and the type of candidate that the company needs to hire?
  • Competitive Wage(s)/Benefits – How much do I need to pay to get a suitable candidate and stay competitive in the market? What is the company willing to offer to the successful candidate?
  • Employment Relationship – What type of employment relationship best suits the company needs (Full time, Part time, Contract, Temporary, etc.)? What are the benefits and challenges to the company’s preferred employment relationship(s)?
  • Talent Pool – Where does the company find the candidates willing and able to fulfill the job requirements? Will the company need to tailor their expectations based on the available talent?
  • Cost – Does the company have a recruitment budget? How much time will it take to recruit a successful candidate? How will the recruitment process affect management time, production, quality service, payroll, employee relations, etc.?
  • Training – What training is the company prepared to invest? Does the company have an orientation or initiation training plan to get the successful candidate integrated in the job and the company? Does the company have training dollars to get the candidate performing to expectations?


These are just some of the questions that an employer needs to answer. Where can you get the support you need to effectively recruit and select new employees? We can help!

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