Ontario Job Creation Partnership (OJCP)

The Ontario Job Creation Partnership (JCP) is another Employment Ontario program, but does have some different goals and uses. Upon receiving Employment Ontario approval for JCP, the employer works with the Canadian Career Academy to find a candidate that meets their requirements.

This program is aimed at supporting community and non-profit groups who need assistance in their community development work. Eligible participants (employees) who are hired under this program will benefit by a full time hands-on learning experience in a field of work that is relevant to their long term employment and career goals.

In some cases, this could be pioneering a new service or program for the community and can often lead to regular employment once the product has been established, however, by the nature of the program it is meant as a training experience. The employer is expected to allow the employed candidate time off to conduct and maintain their job search effort. Employed candidates build marketable skills in a field of work that is of relevant interest. The employing agency benefits by the development of their community programs.

For more information of this service, please contact an Employment Ontario Training Consultant with the Ministry of Advanced Education and and Skills Development at Toll-free: 1-800-387-5656

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