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Introducing Magnet – Your career matchmaker

Magnet for Job Seekers

The Canadian Career Academy and Work Matters are proud to announce a new partnership with Magnet to provide new resources to our job seekers!

Magnet is a digital platform that allows job seekers of all backgrounds and levels of experience to create a free profile that captures their skills, experience, education, and career preferences.

When employers post jobs that match your profile and preferences, you’ll be invited to apply.

That means you’ll only receive notifications for jobs that are relevant to your skills and goals.

How does Magnet work?

Magnet works with employers across Canada to share job opportunities through our platform. We encourage you to create your profile today so you can be alerted to new opportunities as soon as they’re available. You can also be matched to jobs from 20,000+ employers on the Magnet network.

Setting up a profile is easy!

Magnet keeps your profile private, meaning employers only see your information when you choose to share it! In addition to matching you to jobs, Magnet’s Resource Centre connects you to updates and tools from partners to help you understand changes in the job market and make the right decisions for your career. Get started here by creating your FREE Magnet account.