Job Matching/Placement

Job Matching/Placement is a service offered to individuals once a need is determined while working with an Employment Specialist. Your Employment Specialist will then refer you to this service. It includes:

  • Job Matching and Placement provides the assistance of a Job Developer to help individuals who may be having difficulties conducting their own job search. Reasons for such difficulties may include poor work habits, market perception barriers, lack of some skills or interpersonal skills.
  • The Job Developer will work with individuals to match skills and interests with employment opportunities and employer needs.
  • Employers may receive financial incentives to provide on-the-job training, including apprenticeship training, work experience opportunities and/or skill level/employability assessments, and job test and hire.
  • Job test and hire opportunities allow participants to test a job before accepting an employment offer, and allow employers the opportunity to test the participant skills before making an offer.

Job Retention

CCA is committed to ensuring that our clients are successful with their employment even after the Job Trial and/or Placement are completed. If there is a risk that the employment relationship may not succeed, the Job Retention service is available.

  • Job Retention service is designed to ensure long term attachment with an employer. The Job Developer will further monitor and provide both our client and the employer with support to resolve any communication issues, job performance issues etc.

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