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The Canadian Career Academy has work with many local employers to find employees who best suit their business needs. We have also helped many businesses with funding for training, wage subsidies and job advertisement for example. The find out how we can help your business please gives as call!

“We recently utilized the services of the Canadian Career Academy to fulfill our employment requirements for our expanding business. During the process we found the support and guidance provided by CCA to be professional and timely for both our business and the employees that we successfully hired.”-Brian Smith

“CCA has been awesome to deal with and thanks to their support we have been able to hire one more full-time employee than we had planned. Canadian Career Academy in Carleton Place is really helping to create jobs in our town!” -Keith Bean, President

“I am very grateful to the Canadian Career Academy for assisting with the implementation of the funding program. The Job Developer was helpful and I would recommend this funding program to any start-up entrepreneur. The funds save in employee wages has alleded me to invest in my business to expand and develop and continue the success I have experienced.” -Erin Kelly, Owner

“The Canadian Career Academy has partnered with my business to hire and train 4 very valued employees. Their services have helped my business grow and become an active member of the Carleton Place community.”-Tiffany Nixon

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