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The Canadian Career Academy (CCA) is an experienced employment services company, successfully matching employers and employees and providing specific training/opportunities addressing skill shortages over the last 30 plus years. CCA has delivered a wide range of employment services since 1986 helping people find employment, start their own business, become retrained and providing community referrals. Past CCA activities demonstrate innovate, staff up and deliver successful employment support activities such as:

  • Job Finding Club (Carleton Place, Arnprior)
  • Job Search Resource Center (Smiths Falls)
  • COPE – Career Orientation Pathways to Employment (Carleton Place, Ottawa)
  • Job Re-Entry skills training programs (Carleton Place, Ottawa)
  • Achieved Ontario Vocational School Certification (1994 to 2000)
  • Employment Ontario Service Provider delivering Employment Ontario programs (ES, SJS, YJL, YEF, JCP, OSEB, EYTI, COJG)
  • Ontario Labour Market Partnership – Work Matters project
  • Pathway2PSW program

Our President

In 2005 President of the Canadian Career Academy, Robert Probert was recognized with Business Person of the Year. Then in 2008 he was recognized with Carleton Place Citizen of the Year. He has extensive knowledge of corporate needs having served as President of the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce for 11 years with 29 years as a member, Chairman/Founder of the Carleton Place BIA for 4 years, as well as serving on a variety of community committees such as: Strategic Planning, Promotions and Economic Development.

Starting at a young age Rob operated his own high end retail business in downtown Carleton Place. His career then changed direction. Recognizing the need in our community he ventured into delivering youth programs, vocational training and a basic resource centre model designed specifically for Ontario Works clients that has evolved to a full service model today. Since 1986 his company has been a specialist in Employment Assisted Services (EAS) and has built a strong reputation by providing innovative employment service programs, excellent client service delivery and strong community partners.

Specifically during this period from 1986 – 1997 his company delivered a Job Re-entry program designed for women returning to the workforce. At the same time Rob delivered the WOW/Start program for youth. Both programs were based on skills learning through classroom, co-op placements and on-the-job experience. From 1992 – 2005 he held contracts to deliver employment related programs in Carleton Place, Arnprior, Smiths Falls and Ottawa, (Westboro region).

From 1994 – 2000 Rob, along with his team, created, developed and implemented an Electronic Assembly course that started as a pilot project for Nortel and ran in Carleton Place and Carp graduating and securing employment for over 400 individuals. Rob also with his team, created, developed and implemented a comprehensive Career Decision Making program called COPE (Career Orientation Pathways for Employment) which ran successfully in Carleton Place for 4 years, until approached by Service Canada to deliver this program in the Capital running three classrooms concurrently. Rob has successfully lead his company through numerous governmental transitions adjusting to different mandates while maintaining long term relationships throughout.

Rob is dedicated to providing excellent community services that assist all individuals and employers while encouraging strategic partnerships and alliances to build a stronger community. The honours of Business Person of the Year and Citizen of the Year are representative of the dedication that the Canadian Career Academy brings to all of its services.