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February 13 February 15
14 February 2018
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Uncover those Hidden Jobs through Networking 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Did you know that 80% of jobs are NOT advertised? So, why are you spending most of your precious, dedicated job search time in the advertised market - which is 20%.
Have you ever felt like there are so few jobs out there for you? This is something that we have definitely heard before. You need to spend less time surfing and responding to job ads, and more time connecting with your network to get yourself into the 80% of the job market.
This seminar is about enabling you to network with confidence so that you make a point of looking for opportunities to incorporate it into your every day. We discuss the importance of delivery when networking so that those leads and referrals come in. Simple tools are provided to effectively communicate, keep us in CONTROL of our job search and get the intended results.
In order to better understand the value that comes from networking we take a look at the job searching process, and how the neanderthal employee/employer search system operates.
Networking is an extremely effective approach that generates leads and has a provenly high success rate. This seminar is a must-do for job searchers!
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